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Do you want to open an account at the casino? It ‘s really a very good choice since the special bonuses that are available to players who choose to do so. But because the gambling is important that a player wants to open an account at the casino? Simple because a player account is more likely to deposit and play money, compared to a player who does not have it. This is why casinos have devised special bonuses for players who decide to open an account at the casino. What are these special bonuses? You know them for sure, are a welcome bonus.

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How much is the bonus?

The bonus promoted by the casino is a classic welcome bonus that allows you to reach a total package of bonuses with deposit of € 5,000

How does it work?

Very simple, clear and easy: from the moment the player pays the money for the bonus, the player receives his chips in a scale divided into 3 parts: the first part consists of the chips the player has purchased with cash, the second part, instead, includes chips the player has received as a bonus, the third and last part contains the total number of chips and the first two are the chips that the player plays and wins slowly.

How are played the money?

Simple, every time you point the system automatically picks up a part of cash and chips and a part of and bonus chips. So if I play a total of € 50 slots, while the balance of the cash game and the bonus will drop to € 25 each. If these bets win € 50 in total € 200 then I will see increase my two balances (cash and bonus) of € 100 each. Basically you play with the help of the bonus and half of your bets to play with your money, but also half of the winnings.

When you collect?

The strength of this bonus is that it allows you to cash at any time your cash, even if you incase you lose your money obviously the chips given away the bonus balance.

Why do you recommend?

Because the system allows you to have clear the difference between your money and the money given to play, the bonus money is used to play less own money and especially to play longer and have a better chance of winning. Remember that the casino is so difficult to win in 5 minutes, you have to persevere and have perseverance and patience.

Do not look so disappointed, there seem special bonuses because now all casinos offer them to their players, but if you think about it there is no real reason why the casinos have to offer bonuses to players simply because they want to open an account. In addition, casino operators can not know if you will be the players who make many stores in their game rooms, or if in a month you’ll be playing another casino. It ‘s true that without the players who open an account at the casino business of the gambling halls have a sharp decline, but the online casinos are now offering special bonuses for all their games where players often do not take into account the fact the odds of winning at the tables online are higher than those of the casinos, and also not having to move from home saves you money already. There seem really interesting these special bonuses that are awarded to all players who decide to open an account at the casino? So do not wait any longer and become one of many players that every day they decide to open an account at the casino to take advantage of the many special bonuses offered.