Exclusive Bonus

Online casinos really have many opportunities to entice new players to create a game account, one of them, if not the most influential, is the sign up bonus. What’s this?
Simple is a bonus that is offered to all players who sign up to a casino. You understand we’re not talking about exclusive bonuses dedicated only to certain players, this sign-up bonus is offered to all. Forget for the moment the exclusive bonuses such as those offered to VIP users, or the exclusive bonuses that are offered to loyal customers at the casino.


Royal Vegas Casino

The program for VIP players at Royal Vegas is the best offered by Microgaming and one of the most competitive in the online casino foreigners.

How does it work?

Very simple, each episode is equivalent to loyalty points, which you can build and collect money loans money to play at the casino. Account opening Royal Vegas offers 2,500 loyalty points as a starting point. If you play slots 1 credit wagered is equal to 1 loyalty point, while board games every 5 credits wagered equals 1 credit fidelity.

What are the levels?

It starts from the “Silver” with 2,500 points given away, if you get to earn 10,000 loyalty points it shifts to the “Gold” that allows you to accumulate loyalty points and an extra 5%, have donated 20,000 points if they access the game their birthday, invitations to exclusive weekly tournaments. To keep the gold level must earn 10,000 points in a month. If you accumulate 25,000 loyalty points you get to the level “Platinum” which give 60,000 points on your birthday, a 10% accumulation esxtra and even more exclusive tournaments and promotions.

With 75,000 points accumulated level is reached “Diamond” that gives you 100,000 points, 15% extra for credit accumulation and amazing promotions.