How to Win Free Hour Bonus

Win Bonus Now For Free

The bonus free hour (now free) have the characteristics that allow you to play free casino ie without paying any money. They are very similar to the no deposit bonus if you do not often pretty much the same, the main problem to win free bonus hour, like all casino bonuses, is to overcome the playthrough, that is, play as many times as it is the bonus playthrough for to cash out this bonus if left as loans.

An even greater problem for bonuses now for free is that you finish in time playthrough, namely a time available, and if this is over and will credit, they may be collected later.

We see a strategy to finish in time playthrough with two main indications to support the game in the hour:

1) always start to play the slot machine obviously bet the maximum bet which is still a very low limit to think to complete the bonus, so do not play all the time slots because there are very little point. Play slots try to accumulate a good profit margin than at the beginning and then go to change casino game.

2) to play games that allow you to make high stakes. These games are essential to finish in time playthrough, such as roulette that is very suitable for this purpose. In fact, most casinos roulette allows you to focus even 30 if not more credits at a time, and counting the wheel spins very fast and the point is decreed immediately if you are good in one minute you will be able to play 20 times the 30 credits that mean of 600 credits as a bonus of € 1,000 with 8x playthrough (ie 8000 credits to play).

In summary for how to win free bonus hour or if you prefer, win bonuses now for free, start for 10 minutes more or less to play the slot machines or other games in which the maximum bet is relatively low, to have fun and earn a fair degree of winning. With that margin won then go to games where the maximum bet is very high and that allow you to play all the bonus required.