Monthly Bonuses

Another particular type of online casino bonus is the one called “monthly bonus“. With this promotion online casinos offer players a monthly premium to depositors, ie every month will receive it straight to the bonus amount calculated according to criteria completed.

Generally, the monthly bonus is given as a percentage of the first deposit or in absolute or month up to a maximum agreed in advance.

Maximum bonus

It is not easy advice to the players what the best bonuses that you can get from an online casino, or what are the maximum bonus achievable, but one thing is certain loyalty to a casino door to a far greater number of benefits to scope to get user status VIP.
But for players with little experience, what are the best bonuses? Certainly those who are given free by the online casino, obviously will not be the maximum bonus offered but since they are totally free, and usually are not too difficult to be collected are a great help to start with.